Thursday, March 26, 2009

StellarDawn could be Mechscape? No!

I was baking a cake today when I realised that FunOrb has colours of all various types and that it does not have a stellar dawn or dusk colour.

Cats and dogs, we like to eat orbs and corn corbs. Funcorbs. Hahahaha. Yaay!

I pity the fool that is reading this because StellarDawn is not out yet and will be a FunOrb game rather than the new name of Mechscape. That unless you are wrong and so am I.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stellar Dawn is balls on the wall

There are two. Balls that is. And they are on the wall. This is why I chose to play StellarDawn. This spcae-based sci-fi mmo is a mystery wrapped in a surprise, and dipped in game chocolate fondue. It is not chocolate. It is lava and the StellerDawn lava harvester is out there to take some of it for mining and smithing or whatever the real reason behind it is. Lava harvesters are usually found in Mechscape, but I'm not the one to know.