Saturday, November 7, 2009

StellarDawn Interview

StellarDawn Blog: Hey, thanks for joining us.
MMG: My pleasure.
StellarDawn Blog: We hear you've scrapped Mechscape aka StellarDawn.
MMG: That is not exactly true. We haven't scrapped anything.
StellarDawn Blog: Then?
MMG: We have scrapped Mechscape because there were creative differences and technical misinformations.
StellarDawn Blog: Wait a minute. Isn't Mechscape the same as StellarDawn?
MMG: Not really. Mechscape is the name of what we were working on before, and StellarDawn is the name of what we'll do now. StellarDawn is like a newer version of Mechscape.
StellarDawn Blog: You're confusing me. So what you're saying is that you scrapped Mechscape because it didn't live up to your standards and now you're calling the new version StellarDawn?
MMG: Yes.
StellarDawn Blog: What made you scrap Mechscape at this point?
MMG: We didn't like it. It didn't live up to our expectations.
StellarDawn Blog: Where were you during the past 2 or 3 years? Didn't you see Mechscape going off track? Why did you notice that Mechscape wasn't living up to your standards so late?
MMG: Next question please.
StellarDawn Blog: Okay... Some people are wondering if this whole story is even true. Some people think that Jagex's decision to rename Mechscape to Stellardawn and tell everybody that the game will be scrapped and redone is just a marketing scheme.
MMG: What do you mean "marketing scheme"?
StellarDawn Blog: Well, people obviously saw the leaked video of Mechscape, and it looked a lot like RuneScape. You've been saying that Mechscape will be totally unique from Runescape.
MMG: We didn't exactly say that...
StellarDawn Blog: So it sounds like a PR scheme to make people think that the crappy game we saw in the leaked video is Mechscape and that you'll give us something new called StellarDawn.
MMG: See, Jagex is fond of surprises. We want to give our users a great big surprise when StellarDawn is launched. We don't want their surprise to be tarnished by any ... preconceptions.
StellarDawn Blog: So it's true. You just want people to be excited about the game and not remember any leaked videos of "Runescape in space".
MMG: Yes.
StellarDawn Blog: ... Thank you, MMG.
MMG: Your very welcome.


  1. Umm, I doubt this interview is real. If the interviewer had really been that rude to who he/she was interviewing, they would have stopped the interview.

  2. That was a crappy interview...even if it was real.

  3. that was the worst fake interview ever... lol its kinda funny actually